Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tarqeq and Lunette

Tarqeq (Inuit for moon spirit) is a lunar mission to map the moon with a hi res laser camera system (similar to the one developed for inspecting the shuttle tiles) and radar. Lunette was originally planed to fly on India's Chandrayaan-1 moon probe. Unfortunately funding could not be guaranteed for lunette, and was dropped from the Chandrayaan program. Lunette will now be part of the Tarqeq mission, and is based on the CanX 4&5 Nanosattelite.


CASade, Smallsat and IOnospheric Polar Explorer. The satellite will include the telecommunications instrument Cascade, which will provide the very first digital broadband courier service for commercial use, and the scientific payload ePOP (enhanced polar outflow probe), which will be used to study the ionosphere. When launched in 2007 CASSIOPE will be the first to use the Canadian multi-purpose small satellite platform. I will be making a couple of add-ons based on this small satellite bus

CanX Nanosats

My favorite satellites. With the introduction of CanX 4 and 5, I have decided to remake CanX-1,2, and 3 from my Canadian microsats mission add-on. CanX 4 and 5 will use the propulsion from CanX-2 to perform a formation flying mission in 2008

Walrus Launch Vehicle

Custom design, similar to the old Atlas ICBM derived launch vehicles. Walrus in its basic form is a stage and a half type LV, powered by liquid oxygen and liquid methane. 2500kg to LEO, payload can be increased with the use of a second stage and or SRB's