Thursday, November 30, 2006

Soyuz, Soyuz, SOYUZ!!!!

Its hard to beat the good old workhorse Soyuz, my favorite rocket, is getting alot of attention from the orbiter community
Mustards versionDarth Vader's and Castorp's version
Check out Darth Vader's site, for another blogging orbiter add-on developer
Astronaut, the man that made that wonderful R-7 ICBM add-on (the one that can accurately bomb your house) is making the R-7 family, and it is very impressiveVenera-D is almost done, just scenario's and the instruction manual to make now

On the drawing boards.........

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Its getting hot in here

Decided to try something a little different tonight.....

no sound(haven't figured how to do that yet)

I made a video of the Venera-d entry sequence, The configs are done for the venus entry part(as shown in the video) but the orbiter config still needs thruster locations set, But otherwise its almost done. Still need a working Soyuz though :(, I might have to hold out for mustard to finish his

If their isn't any complaints, I might start useing video on a regular basis, to cover my development of add-ons for orbiter

Saturday, November 04, 2006

One step forward

Venera-D model is done and in orbiter, Working on the configs now. I have to work out the weights and the aerodynamics for the entry capsule /lander, but things are working out as planned, Which is nice, for a change. Two steps back......
the CVEL Soyuz jettisons the fregat and the Venera-d payload at the same time, Venera-d should stay attached to the fregat, to make the burn to escape earth orbit. Need to find a solution for this

I just switched this site over to the new blogger beta, I think I'm going to do another site make over to take advantage of the new features

Thursday, November 02, 2006


All of the Venera-D meshes are complete now. The colors are screwed up in the picture, because I was cutting and pasting the meshes together for this screen shot :)
The landing sequence is finalized
1. drogue chute deploys
2. drogue chute pulls away backshell, and opens main chute
3. main chute pulls lander out of the heat shield
4. main chute carries the lander to the surface
Now comes the fun part, making it all work in orbiter ;)

Halloween sucked this year, only had 17 kids come by the house for treats, I don't even know why I even bothered to stick around and hand stuff out, but at least it kept me out of trouble. Oh well

Mid term elections are coming up, I have to wonder if this will have an effect on NASA, Since its Bush's pipe dream to go to the moon, and his opposition is expected to have win a majority