Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ready for download

So Walrus and Mystic are finally complete and at Orbithanger

Walrus LV + Mystic

I'm working on the Wasp nanosat launcher and CanX nanosats now, it shouldn't take too long to complete.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Ready for lift-off

Everything works now but the HUD, If I can't find a fix for it, I'm just going to release it, which means all you have to do is turn the HUD off(Ctrl+H) before turning on the virtual cockpit(F8)
like thats real hard to do :)

did a quick run to mustards Nebulus station today, its not easy to grab something in space with the arm, its much easier to dock.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Partial success

So I got the MFD's working in VC mode, but anytime the hud is turned on orbiter crashes :(

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ghosts of Energia

Recent photos of the old Energia/buran pad

Energia Pictures

One step forward.....

Textures are fixed :), and after looking a the DG cockpit, I figured out how to make the cockpit stay lighted, irregardless of which direction you are facing

Two steps backwards.....
I still can't get the MFD's to work
edit: after DL'ing and looking at Greg Burch's lunar lander(very nice BTW), I think I know what I am doing wrong with the MFD's

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Test launch

Mystic is finally in orbiter, but there are problems, all textures seem to be mirrored, and spacecraft3 virtual cockpit MFDs show up as grey squares :(

more problemsolving to do.........

Current Projects

CanX 1-5(left to right)
- model --> complete
-texures-->don't need any
-configs -->haven't started
Wasp Nanosat launcher
model -->complete
textures -->haven't started
configs -->haven't started
Lunar Penguin
model --> complete
textures --> haven' started
configs --> haven't started

Friday, April 14, 2006

New images from Venus express

stunning images
I wish Nasa would pay more attention to venus, our sister planet. To much remains a mystery about venus.

Esa site with the pictures

Almost ready for launch

Started the instrument panel tonight, and changed some of the textures(dreamliner style lighting is modified, no more sunset pink, and purple) it should look real good in orbiter, 3 more textures to make and then it gets converted to orbiter

but some bad news I was cleaning up my hard drive today, and accidently deleted my Tarqeq moon probe, so that project is toast(I don't have much interest in remaking it)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter secondary payload

Nasa announced the winner of LRO secondary payload downselect today. I was kind of hopeing it would be the GFSC/Raytheon lunar lander/hopper, but they selected the ARC Impactor instead.
oh well

I have the model of the raytheon hopper(also known as the "Lunar Penguin") 90% complete, It will be a future add-on. Its pretty cool, its made up of parts from the missile defense EKV interceptors and the tomahawk cruise missile(puts military equipment to good use) It uses a star-20 solid upper stage as a crasher stage( like the soviet LK lunar lander and the block-D) then it has 700-800m/s to land and hop around the crater. since its not going with the LRO, I'll probbly use Athena or Taurus to launch it as a dedicated mission, should work, it pretty small 1m tall and 1m wide, and 105KG without the star-20

The mission that was selected sounds pretty good, it uses the centuar or Delta 4 upper stage as a impactor(over 2000KG, deep impact was 350KG) The EELVs payload ring is converted into sattelite that follows the impactor relaying video and scientific data back

The ARC impactor might be a future project. but as it stands.
My current projects for orbiter are
-Walrus and Mystic- almost complete
-Tarqeq/Lunette + Angara 1.2- Tarqeq/Lunette are finished but Angara needs textures and configs made
-CanX and Wasp nanosat Launcher- models are complete, needs textures and configs
-Lunar Penguin-model about 90% complete, needs textures, configs, and maybe a launch vehicle

Excellent weekend

Finally had a weekend with half-decent weather (for a change) raked the lawn, turned the soil in the garden, got the lawnmower ready for the summer, washed my cars....... I'm really looking forward to summer :)

I made some more textures for Mystic, I tried to copy the 787 Dreamliner lighting scheme, But I'm not to crazy about it(it might look better in Orbiter) so I may change it. I still have some more textures to make, I should have it in orbiter by the end of the week, Might even have the whole thing finished and released by the weekend, don't hold your breath though :)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mystic Interior

Modeling of the interior is complete, and texturing has begun
It's set up as a 2 passenger + 2 International Standard Payload rack(refrigerator sized ISS racks) interior

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Small update for today

I made the abort interstage for Mystic today, and finished/remade the textures.