Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Successful first flight of the Walrus

I remade + stretched the Walrus, and had its first flight in Orbiter today along with the CASSIOPE satellite

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mystic Update

I got my Christmas shopping done this morning, I thought it would take the whole day, but it only took me 3 hours. :)

With some of my spare time afterwards I started texturing Mystic, and making the interior for it. I also started changing the Walrus launch pad model to support manned operations

Friday, December 09, 2005

Manned Spacecraft

Ever since I finished the Angara Launch vehicles, I've been wanting to make a manned spacecraft for Orbiter, the first ship is Mystic, a cross between Kliper and Lockheed's CEV. 2-3 man ship for launching on the Walrus LV. I'm making an interior for it as well. The second ship is obviously the T/Space CXV, I originally intended to launch it on top of the Walrus LV, But decided not too, after I came up with the Mystic design. I might finish it and make the T/space VLA + the Airluanch rocket in the future


I played with a couple of tutorials for Anim8or, then I tried making a astronaut, What a failure that was :)
So I ended up making an Alien instead, complete with skeleton so he bends in the right places. It was quite a learning experience.

Walrus pad update

I started texturing the launch site, still a WIP