Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Its hot

Way too hot outside recently, you know its bad when environment Canada keeps putting out heat, humidity, and smog alerts. The heat just sucks the life out of you. Cutting my lawn and gardening usually takes me about 2 hours to do. But I seemed to be making a career out of it over the weekend. Admittedly sucking down beers during breaks from the heat, didn't help much :). My cat seems to love this heat wave though, sleeping outside on the front lawn, doing a slow bar-b-que roll(for even cooking I guess) . Things are really slow right now.

I haven't had much time left over for orbiter stuff, The Angara fairings are complete, as well as the Briz-M upperstage, still have to make the KVRB upper stage, Angara second stage, textures, configs.......
No pics, they are on my laptop, which is dead at the moment, and I can't find my power cord for it.

I've been slowly learning to use Blender 3D, I've tried it before and did a couple of tutorials with it, but found the interface very time consuming and clunky to use, but the tutorials I was using are very much like Tigerteams interplanetary tutorials, do this, do that, to get results. None of the important parts are explained, so you are screwed when you try to do something not covered in the tutorial. I started reading last week, the wikibook Blender 3D: noob to pro, from what I have read and done so far it is quite good.

Interesting item on google earth, The Chinese have created a 700x900 m scale model of a mountainous disputed region occupied by china, but claimed by India.



Zachstar said...

Cats are very interesting at times!

This is great that you are learning Blender 3D again! I do hope this will result even even better work than you have dazzled us with before.

It even works in Linux :P

Kodiak said...

Blender is quite a learning experience. But don't hold your breath, my models in blender aren't turning out to well at the moment. still have alot to learn.