Saturday, October 14, 2006

But why is the Rum gone?

Because I drank it all.....
I think...
Have to confirm that one :P

I did some more work in my shop on the weeknights, painting and making airlines, I'm running copper pipes all over the place, for my airtools. I did a test the other night, too make sure there was no leaks. Ha!, I had a leak alright, a tiny one, that let out a high pitched, extremely loud scream, when the airlines was pressurized. Add to that my shop is still empty, so you have an incredible echo, just to make things more interesting.

Anyways on to the Orbiter things
I decided to go back to the original RTG powered lander for Venera-D, The wind powered one, didn't look the greatest, while the RTG one looks like it is an evolution of the Venera family. I should hopefully have Venera-D in orbiter soon

Zach I do have a Dnepr model, just needs textures, and a custom DLL, to be accurate, the third stage does a 180 degree turn and pulls the payload into orbit rather than pushes it like most rockets, it can't be done with multistage, which is the reason why I stopped development of it


Zachstar said...

Kodiak if you are willing to you can make things alot easier by uploading it to the 3D Parts section on orbithangar with the

Thanks alot! Ill see if I can find anybody willing to code it in the future.


I liked the wind powered version! Could you perhaps include both?

Sad to see Luna Glob canned tho. :(

Good Luck on your projects!!

Kodiak said...

Like I said in our chat last night I'm just going to hold on to dnepr for now, and see how things play out

wind powered lander isn't happening, its not just a matter of swapping the lander models, I have to change everything related to the venus entry sequence