Monday, December 11, 2006

Up, up and away

I did a bit of crude performance testing tonight of the Kondor. Performance is roughly in the same ballpark as what's described on, But really won't know for sure until I get the configs done.

Size comparison of Kondor-1(RLA-120) with atlas 5


DarthVader said...

boy you're fast! Looks to me like your producing addons like sausages out of the factory ;-)

Zachstar said...

Now all it needs is massive moon,mars,beyond probes!

With all these neat projects perhaps you might one day decide to learn to program them directly with some software like MS C++ express.

BTW in an earlier pic you posted some sort of space station deal. Could you post in your blog more info?

Also any plans in the future for the SpaceX dragon?

Kodiak said...

LOL Darth :)

the space station is an "evolving", work in progress, I'll show more of it when I have the design finalized

dragon plans? not any at the moment