Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Its 200....... OMG I can't believe another year has gone by 7.

The new year brings changes for my Orbiter projects, Brad has announced changes and a new direction for SimNASA in 2007. I will be doing some Add-on development for Simnasa, to help bring this new vision to Orbiter

Changes to my current projects
-Kondor will be finished and released under it's real name the RLA-120, 130 and 150 series, without the widebody centaur

The manned ellipsled type capsule (as well as all other parts related to this add-on) is in parking orbit(frozen project) I might restart it in the future or find another use for it, but don't hold your breath

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Zachstar said...

To give it quick ability to send craft outside LEO I suggest you make a Fregat or even a version of the Blok-DM.

Looking forward to your work for SimNASA! The new vision there sounds much better than what was going on before. I'm even thinking about closing down VUASA and joining.