Saturday, May 06, 2006

Orbiter 2006 is out

Martin and the Beta team have done an outstanding job. Its much more user friendly now thanks to the glass cockpit, no more key combinations to remember:). The Lv10 textures look outstanding, for a small performance hit. The scenario editor is amazing, you can add/delete ships and put them wherever you want.

With the release of orbiter 2006, I'm updating Walrus and Mystic. The issues with Mystic's re-entry problem has been fixed properly. I'd like both Walrus and Mystic to have compatibility with the new scenario editor, but unfortunately, I can't get it to work. I'll wait and see what Vinka or Martin says(or if someone figures out how to make spacecraft/multistage add-ons work with the new vessels folder) for now

I finished texturing the Wasp LV(no pics its on my other computer) it has the same color scheme as the Walrus LV, the weights and burn times, I have already figured out. Otherwise this add-on is complete, its just the issues with orbiter 2006 scenario editor compatibility holding it up

The lunar penguin, I haven't found a launch vehicle for it. I'd prefer a falcon 5, but I have no desire to make it since there are 3 others in development(a 4th one really isn't needed). So I'm just going to release it, with a lunar landing scenario

when all of the above is done I'll give details on my next orbiter project

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