Sunday, May 28, 2006

t\Space add-on released

The t\Space CXV has been released, you can get it from orbithanger
t\Space CXV download

with the CXV released, a new orbiter project is in the works, I'm remaking my old Angara launch vehicle's, starting from scratch. But before that I'm making the Korean Space Launch Vehicle(KSLV) which is based on the Angara.

The KSLV is a bit of an odd launcher. The South Koreans have decided to leapfrog the competition, by using a Russian booster, and domestic upper stages. The KSLV will use a small solid rocket powered upperstage(~1200kg) on top of a Russian Angara booster to put 120kg into orbit. The Angara is overkill for this, it could launch 120kg to orbit on its own, but with the Angara, as the South Koreans improve their upper stages they will have the ability to put up to 6000kg into orbit with a LOX\LH2 upper stage. First flight is expected to be in 2007 with the launch of the 100kg STSAT-2

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