Saturday, June 17, 2006

Missing in Action

Orbiter add-on development has slowed to a snails pace at the moment. I've been busy lately, a couple of weeks ago the furnace came on, when the temperature dropped at night, the heat exchanger crapped out, and started making carbon monoxide(thank god for carbon monoxide detectors). Long story short I now need a new furnace. But my main problem is that years ago I finished the basement off and never thought, I would have to replace the furnace. Ha I wish thought of that at the time. To make matters worse I have central air conditioning, which needs the furnace to run, and I hate hot, humid days, So I am in a rush to get this done. Live and learn

My site is one year old now....
still can't believe it, my blogger site was only supposed to be temporary, until I had learned how to use Mambo, for my permanent site. But I ended up liking blogger better. I think I made the right choice, especially since more orbinauts are using blogger now as well.

once things get sorted out for me, I'll pick up my orbiter projects again

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