Thursday, June 22, 2006


Over the last couple of weeks I have been pondering about starting a virtual space agency similar to Simnasa, but based on the Russian Federal Space Agency instead of NASA, calling it SimRoskosmos or SimRKA.(I know ripoff of SimNASA) I have been collecting info on future Roskosmos programs and concepts, from these I have a basic idea of what SimRoskosmos would be doing

Manned flights:
1.Station building, resupply, crew transfers
2.Free-flyer visits
3.Moon, Mars and Venus programs

Unmanned flights
1.Comsats, to support manned ops
3.Interplanetary missions

I am hoping to keep everything modular to allow for quick development of the add-ons needed to fulfill the above missions

basic current thinking is...
Energia Klipper or Krunichiev PTK, for manned op's

Parom or PTK service module for tugs/free-flyers/station modules

Angara would be the LV of choice for all missions

Roskosmos current interplanetary missions will be simulated, Phobos-Grunt, Luna-Glob, Venera-D, all three missions would launch on soyuz-2. but
current testing has reveled that angara with one strap on booster can lift soyuz-2 class payloads

I have started modeling some the add-ons needed
Venera-D Lander
nothing is set in stone at the moment, so SimRoskosmos, may or may not happen, I think it would be best to have the basic parts defined and complete, before starting SimRoskosmos, so that it doesn't end up dead in the water. we shall see,

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