Monday, July 24, 2006

Apollo on cheerios

No more steroids for you. According to, Apollo 2.0/CEV now renamed project Orion has been put on a diet. They are also hinting at a redesign of the "Stick" CLV to launch Orion now. I still can't get over why NASA absolutely has to have its own dedicated launch vehicle for the Orion, As the Orion gets smaller and lighter with each redesign, The reasons for not using existing lauchers(Atlas 5, Delta 4) fade into the darkness. That is of course until Nasa creates new excuses, as to why it needs the CLV.

Caught up in "COTS"
Interesting article over on MSNBC's cosmic log. A disturbing point however, The "homework"(I presume paperwork) is really bogging down Rocketplane Kistler, to point that its suborbital learjet(A project not related to COTS) test program for next year has been "crimped". Things must be bad if they have to retask employees working on an unrelated project, to fill out paperwork.

Bigelow has released new images from Genesis
Looks pretty snappy :)

Spent some time surfing the Orbiter community tonight
BTW Antonio's, Simcosmos site(if you haven't discovered it yet) is the best place to start

anyways, Mustard has pointed out to me that the CBM texture I got from him, are made by "Well" of the the French Orbiter community. I will be changing the .PDF in the add-ons that use the texture, to credit Well
"Give credit, Where credit is due"

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