Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kliper, Just hopes and dreams

Although Flight Global has reported that the Russian reusable spacecraft tender has been cancelled, Roskosmos press release states that's it will re-evaluate its needs for a next generation spacecraft *AFTER* the Soyuz upgrade. Which basically puts kliper in limbo

Roskosmos press release

The soyuz TMA upgrade will be a modernization of spacecraft components(some of which dates back to the 60's) and centralization of spacecraft systems. For example the communication systems onboard TMA (
command radio link, telemetry, voice, television) each has is own antenna feeder unit, transmitters, receivers and amplifiers, when it could be sharing one if it was centralized. cost, production time and weight will be lower as a result. The upgrade will also cover extending soyuz lifeboat capability time from 180 to 360 days. Soyuz will also gain circumlunar capabilities in this upgrade

-lunar orbit capabillites
-service module extended 1m for additional consumables
-high gain antenna on orbital module
-lavochkin interplanetary computer
-external tank(from fregat SB) mounted to service module
-gross weight 9500KG or 13500KG with external tank
-ESA eventually will produce domestic service/orbital module (ATV derived?)

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