Saturday, July 01, 2006

Canada Day

Woo Hoo, its Canada Day which means a long weekend. I'm buggering off, see ya next week lol. I'm sticking around to see the shuttle launch, and waiting for the traffic to die down, then I'm gone.

The SimRoskosmos poll didn't turn out too bad, got more votes than I thought it would get, but not really enough to justify the time it would take to get this going. Its being put in parking orbit for now :). The poll did show that the manned lunar program was the most popular, and coincidently ESA and Roskosmos are reshaping the manned program with lunar goals in mind. early concepts show an enlarged soyuz(but its more squat then soyuz, very simular to the energia mars accent capsule) as the vehicle of choice, I guess that kliper and PTK are out of the running now. Just have to wait and see

Any google earth users?
I've noticed that baikonur has been updated with highres imagery

KSLV update
I E-mailed the Korean Aerospace Research Institute(KARI) looking for Info on the KSLV, didn't get much info from them. They will release details on the KSLV when they have the ground breaking ceremony for the launch site. Its seems that their launch pad wont be angara based(I thought it would be), the low res picture I did get, shows a very simple uncluttered pad(like orbitals taurus/minotaur sites). I might make or I might release it without a Launch site

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