Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot Flamey stuff

that comes out of the thruster thingo is accelleratized to the fastness of that noisy stuff you hear by passing through an other-way funnel-like thingy before it reaches the funnel-like things you see, and by going through the funnel-like things it embiggens, which acceleratizes it to several times faster than that noisy stuff you hear. The faster the flamey stuff leaves the thruster thingo, the faster the rocket travels when it runs out of the gunk it burns. :)

KSLV is almost done now, Model+configs completed. I made a simple launch site for it, nothing fancy. Just have to make a PDF for it and its done

I having alot of fun useing this program, so quick fast and easy, but I have noticed some limitations already. 1m in sketchup is not 1m in orbiter(more like a KM, its huge), textures and curved surfaces, have problems. if you want textures and have curved surfaces, you lose all smoothing efects, if you want smooth curved meshs and textures, textures come out screwed up. sketchup is great for box type models, like sattelites, launch sites and buildings, but curved models(if you plan on useing textures) like rockets, look like crap with no smoothing. Oh well, If those limitations get fixed I would give up animator in a heartbeat, but for now I think they compliment each other rather nicely

Has Isreal lost its mind?, self defense is one thing, but bombing out basic services(water, power, airports, bridges, roads, gas lines) is going to turn Lebanon into a wellfare state for the next 5-10 years, while they rebuild basic services. Not to mention the hate and distrust this crisis will generate towards Isreal. Stupid is all it is, disproportionate warfare at its best

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